Gealach Mor Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it..............
Bought at the same time and from the same kennel ( Taymarr) as Vader, Rimrock Bethany has proved herself to be a wonderful bitch in a very short space of time. At her home kennel, she exuded confidence and could be seen tormenting the majority of the males. In quarantine however, she was extremely timid and very hand shy and we did wonder if we had made the right choice. Now, at home with us, Beth seems to have returned to the confident happy dog she was in Massachusetts and is contributing well to our team.
A good sized bitch, she moves well and finds the shorter distances we are currently running almost a breeze.
Her sister Bea ran on the same team as Vader last year for Bob at Taymarr and her other sister,  Bessie runs on Pat Kanzler's mid distance team in California.

A generally quiet dog, Beth seems to be that rarity,  --  a Siberian that guards!!!!!

Any stranger appearing at the gates is greeted with a series of low warning howls, which escalate the longer the visitor stays..
She mixes well with all of our other dogs and seems to have developed rather a fancy for Bhu. However, the 6 months spent in quarantine with Vader has made the two of them inseparable.
In Sept 03, Beth gave birth to a litter of 8 - the future of of our kennel.
She has proven herself to be an exceptional mother and even now, when they are all well over 2 years old, she is still concerned for their well-being. The mothering trait has continued, Beth still considers that any female needs to be warned off "her boys" - despite the boys, now close to 5 years old, welcoming any female attention.

Her ruuning days are pretty much behind her now. She can handle the pace and power of her kids in early season training, when I'm holding the team back and we're concentrating on control, strength and commands. Once they open up later in the season, it's a different story.

Born:      06.06.2000                       Gender:  Female
Colour:   Black and white                 Weight:  40lbs
Position: Team

Beth in quarantine July 2002
After a run at Aberfoyle, March 03
Watching the world go by, Jan 05
Still watching the world go by - Beth's pups just work too hard and too fast for her. Now they'll have to haul her home, up that long hill at Bear Notch Road.
After a training run at Aberfoyle, March 2003
Beth in quarantine kennels, July 2002
Beth hitches a ride in the sledbag
Beth watches the ahppening in the dogyard from atop her box
Beth's Offspring
Feeding time at the Croft, Nov 2007