Gealach Mor Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it..............
Born :   05.09.03                                                   Gender : Female
Colour: Black and White                                          Weight : 40 lbs
Position : Team ( and trainee leader)

Gealach Mor's Screamin' Seven - so called because she has a healthy set of lungs on her. If you cross her, you'll know about it, and so will the people in the next county !

2004 - 2005 season Like Fina, she came into season just at the start of her first winter of working and missed most of the early training with the boys. Unlike Fina, she didn't seem very bothered by this and was not terribly impressive - until the snows arrived.
She seemed to come alive and start working and pulling and became a real revelation. She ran co-lead on the second team for most of the back half of that first year, including an appearance at the Hill Village Sprint Race.
Hopefully, her progress will continue.

2005 - 2006 season  Seven seems to have continued her end of season form from last year and is working well in amongst the big boys. She ran co-lead with Teague for a lot of our training miles and performed to a reasonable level.

2006 - 2007 season  Seven frustrates and delights in almost equal measure. She can perform in amongst our best dogs - but she cannot be relied upon to do it consistently. A reasonable leader with the second string dogs, she was on our 10 dog race team at Balloch. How many times can one wonder if this next season will be the one where Seven fulfills her potential.

2007 - 2009 seasons  For a variety of reasons, some health related, both mine and various dogs, a trip to Alaska,  extensive vehicle troubles and race cancellations, we only actually managed to get to one race in the last 2 seasons. Training was going well, and Seven was doing what she always does - some good, some lazy.
It's going to be a big jump from what we've been doing these last 4 years to what we'll be aiming for next season and I'm wondering if Seven's going to come through or just wish she had stayed in Scotland.
Settling into her new pen Jan 2004
As cute as the proverbial button.
Striding off  ---  her brothers had
better watch out.
Running lead with Vader - she seems to have finally grasped the whole being a "sleddog" concept.
Seven's headshot
Seven marching off to cause trouble somewhere
Seven leading a sleddog team with her dad, Vader