Gealach Mor Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it..............
Born :   05.09.03                                                   Gender : Female
Colour: Black and White                                          Weight : 40lbs 
Position : Team (and trainee leader)

Gealach Mor's Fina Tina is a pretty little sled dog that came on in leaps and bounds with her first season in harness. 
2004 - 2005 season She missed the first few weeks of training (and a visit to Boot Camp) due to coming into heat at the crucial moment. However, she certainly hit the ground running once we put her back in amongst the boys.
She logged a whole lot of miles in December and was my star performer for that month. 
She also spent quite a bit of time running up front with Ubee and shared time with BB in the latter part of winter 04/05, in an effort to help build up her confidence to be at the front of the team. 

2005 - 2006 season  Once again Fina's working season has been interrupted by her natural season. Separated from the boys, I have taken the opportunity to spend some time working on her leader training. She has the potential but is cautious and easily startled. Fina has been brought into the house to broaden her horizons and to introduce her to as many new experiences as possible. 
Fina at 13 weeks old
Fina going through her first coat casting
Shaggy dog - Fina moulting
Fina on her stake out chain in Wentworth Jan 2005
Fina waiting for dinner, Jan 2005
Headshot of Fina Jan 2006
Maturing nicely, Jan 2006
Going through that scrawny stage - still lovely though!
What a cute little bear
Peering round the tree, Fina in Feb 2006
Feb 2006
Fina headshot
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2006 - 2007 season   Fina's timidity has been curtailed to some degree but she's never going to be as brash and confident as her sister. She flirted with the edges of the first string pool this year and made the 10 dog race team for the NSDSC event at Balloch. 

2007 - 2009 seasons  For a variety of reasons, some health related, both mine and various dogs, a trip to Alaska, extensive vehicle troubles and race cancellations, we actually only managed to get to one race in the last 2 seasons. Training was going well, and Fina was continuing to perform well at lead on occasion and in the team. She's still in the house, she still is frightened of everything but she is still a good leader - provided we have the place to ourselves !
It's going to be a big jump from what we've been doing these last 4 years to what we'll be aiming for next season.