The End of Season Awards
Gealach Mor Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it..............
Hotly disputed, subject to intense lobbying and amid accusations of favouritism, the first Gealach Mor Awards Ceremony has just closed its voting to recognise the dogs that made the most impact on our first season of mid-distance racing.

There were only two categories :

Most Valuable Dog                                                                          Unsung Hero           

I guess it's a hard thing to do, to try and pick one dog out of the pack, but in talking with a couple of experienced distance racers we came up with the 3 categories of dogs that most kennels will have. There are your good dogs, the ones you praise and know you can rely on times of trouble. There are your difficult dogs, the ones who can do it but need more work  and then there are your "invisible" dogs. These are the dogs who just get on with their job, you just know they will do everything they are asked to - I wanted to recognise these dogs on my team and so I came up with the Unsung Hero category.


Most Valuable Dog                                                             Unsung Hero

BB                                                                            Harry
Harry                                                                        Takeo
Teague                                                                                     Milloy
Most Valuable Dog
And the winner is      BB
Unsung Hero
This was hard to decide, most of the dogs who made the trip really came through for us, but the 3 who made the shortlist were dogs I found myself automatically harnessing for every run because I knew they would give me a solid base from which to work. In the end, my Unsung Hero was MILLOY, his 842 miles of running this winter was the most of all our dogs ( although BB was only 3 miles behind him) and he never quits, his tug is tight and he is always the first one ready to go.