Born :   20.05.2009                                                   Gender : Male
Colour: Tan and white                                              Weight : 50 lbs
Position : Puppy team

We welcomed Cold Canyon's Rimini (and his sister Hop) into our kennel in the Fall of 2009 following our move to Alaska. I collected them from their breeder en route, we had arranged to meet at Deer Creek Sleddogs, where I was collecting Quiz and Oak. Rimi and Hop made the journey without fuss, which considering how young they were, was a testament to the wonderful upbringing and socialising work that TJ and Lindsey had done with them.

Rimi has grown up to be a big fine, strapping youngster, and didn't really require any work when being harness broken. More a case of showing him a harness and him saying, " so, I put this on, and pull, ok, got that, next ?"

He's done a few sled runs this winter, but despite his size and apparent ability, I'm very mindful of his age and at only 9 months old, I have erred on the side of caution in limiting how much I have asked of him.  I'm already looking forward to working with him on the team next season.

Gealach Mor Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it...........
Cold Canyon's Rimini at Gealach Mor
What a fine looking young male, Rimi, October 09.
Mmmmm  tasty...................  Feb 2010
Just chillin'        Feb 2010