Quizno of Deer Creek
Born :   23 July 2008                                              Gender : Male
Colour: Tan, black & white                                      Weight : 43 lbs 
Position : Leader

Quiz joined us from Deer Creek Sled Dogs' kennel, based in Wyoming. 

He bought Quiz when we first moved to Alaska, he arrived as a 16 month old rookie who had just been been harness broken. He comes across as a rather shy, stand-offish male, slight in stature, with a deep baying howl that seems a little incongruous coming from such a small body.

Quiz slotted straight into running and doesn't really have any bad habits, other than the need to pee within the first 500 yards of setting off on any run . He just gets on with his job, no drama, no fuss. He was placed in swing that first year but quickly showed the smarts and drive to move up a spot. Now, Quiz is considered as our main lead dog. 

Gealach Mor Seppala Siberians
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