Jedeye Oscar of Manitou Crossing
Born :     05 April 2004                                              Gender : Male
Colour:     Black and White                                          Weight : 50 lbs 
Position : Leader (retired)

Jedeye Oscar of Manitou came to us from Blake and Jen Freking's Jedeye / Manitou Crossing kennel in northern Minnesota.
Oscar was one of the group of dogs that we bought when we made the move from Scotland to Alaska.

He has settled in well and we starting to get to know his character a bit more. As a worker, he has caused us no problems. As he was new to us in his first season, he hadn't been asked to run lead too much. He's also used to being turned loose in a big exercise yard and as most of our dogs live loose all the time, he's enjoyed the free running he's been getting.
Over the next 4 years, Oscar became one of our main leaders - he had a little bit of a stubborn streak, which he displayed mostly when asked to take a turn that took him away from the shortest route home.
Although officially retired from the main team, he may be asked to do some training with the yearlings.

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