Born :   15 April 2008                                             Gender : Female
Colour: Tan & white piebald                                     Weight : 38 lbs
Position : Team

Oak joined us from Deer Creek Sled Dogs' kennel, based in Wyoming, along with Quiz.

Our move to Alaska has given us the opportunity to have more dogs than we could seriously consider in the UK and did give us some major discussions over the future of our kennel. In the end, we agreed that we were moving because of our dogs and that it would be contrary to our heart and desires to move away from the dogs and lines that we love so much. Racing for us is a thing we do with the dogs we have, it's not why we have the dogs.

Anyway, that's a longwinded introduction to young Oak. She had been harness broken last winter, and done a little running. Her arrival here coincided with the arrival of several other dogs - she too was on the epic dog truck drive. Oak is confident, almost brash young lady, slight in stature, quick to "talk" and not completely averse to throwing her weight around. She was a little timid when I first met her - but that was obviously just a ploy to keep me being super nice and gentle with her.

Oak has slotted straight into the team, she doesn't cause any trouble, works hard and has even taken a run or two at lead. This coming winter will give her a real chance to show just exactly what she is capable of.

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