Nikola of Seppala
Born :      28 Nov 2008                                           Gender : Male
Colour:    White/black saddle                                   Weight : 50 lbs 
Position : TBD

Nikola, is amongst the newest of our Seppala Siberian Sleddogs to arrive from JJ Bragg's Seppala Kennels, having made the trip north in May 2014.
We are delighted to welcome him here and to be able to reunite him with his sister Nina. 

He's a big, leggy dog, with a nice smooth movement. He hasn't been in harness at all, and it should be fun getting him into the team once we start training.
We are still getting to know him, but if there's one word to describe Niko, it is exuberant.
After a couple seasons in harness, he has shown himself to be a solid team-mate. He was a little unsure at first, being 6 years old before putting a harness on for the first time gave him a few moments of doubts, but he was soon convinced that this is a fun activity.  ​

Gealach Mor Seppala Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it...........
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