Gealach Mor Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it..............
January 2007
Another year, another mild and wet winter in Scotland. Friends in the US are complaining of poor weather and lack of snow over there too. Whatever your views on "Global Warming" or Climate Change", it's hard not to feel that something is definitely not right with our weather and seasons.
My back seems to have made a good recovery but the dogs are still having an extended break. My spell as a handler for Mike Ellis is looming and I really wouldn't want to be a hindrance to him as he tries to qualify for the Yukon Quest.

The big quandry seems to be the weather - constant monitoring of the Beargrease site is only causing worry as the lack of snow cover means they have everyone standing by in case the race has to be put back a few weeks.
Unfortunately, my flight goes out 2 days before the decision will be made. I may find myself in America without a race !
Our trial run, the Eagle Lake 100 is still going ahead in Maine, so at least I'll get to feel useful to some degree.