Inchounski of Seppala
Born :     15 December 2008                                    Gender : Male
Colour:    White                                                     Weight : 55 lbs 
Position : TBD

Inchounski, or Choons, as we call him, is one of the latest group of SSSD that joined us from JJ Bragg's Seppala Kennels, travelling north in May 2014. 

He's quite a large, leggy male, a little more reserved than most, but not in a spooky way. He's settling in well and we're looking forward to seeing how he does in harness this winter. He has a lot to live up to - as his sister, Irina, is one of my strongest females in the team.

Gealach Mor Seppala Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it...........
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