Gealach Mor Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it..............
Born     31.07.96    Died  18.10.2005                      Gender  Male                       
Colour   Black and white piebald                             Weight : 55lbs
Position : Leader

Our very first Siberian Husky, his full name is Gwaihir Sharmichutkha. Born in July 1996, Oakley was so named because of the two dark patches over his eyes - his sunglasses. Unfortunately as he matured, those patches faded so now I'm left to explain how he came by his name.
A generally good natured dog, Oaks leads the pack at home and on the trail. A very confident dog, he rules peaceably, a stare and a quiet deep growl often being sufficient to quell any of the boisterous behaviour that he feels is in danger of getting out of hand.
At home, he loves lying in front of the stove until sufficiently roasted as to convince you that there is a definite smell of cooking dog.
However, it is out on the trail that Oaks really does show his strengths. A trusted leader, he is excellent on gee/haw turns and is happy bossing over any dog running up beside him who doesn't quite catch the command. He is not so keen on leading across wide open snow blown expanses without any definable trail  however, that is hardly ever a problem for us here in Scotland.
Oakley as a 4 month old pup. If you look carefully, you can see the last of his sunglasses...........
Tentsmuir Forest
February 1999
Cats and Sibes can co-exist -
but supervision is suggested.
Waiting for our turn to race. Oaley sits in the snow.
Oakley in our field
Oakley, always very at peace with himself.
April 2005
Oakley showing that he can sit on the sofa and watch TV - even with a cat right beside him.
Oakley at the 4 month old stage.