Gealach Mor Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it..............
Born      23.06.98                                                  Gender: Male
Colour:   Grey and White                                         Weight 65lbs
Position : Team

Laikas Ohbee came to us as a 16 week old pup, along with a cacophony of warnings from several people that this part Zero dog would be no end of trouble and would quite possibly kill and eat our other Sibes.
As you can see from the size of our kennel now - that didn't happen.

What I will say about OB is that he is a dog of extremes.
Devoted to my wife and myself, he is not happy around other people. He tolerates our other pack members but doesn't mix well with visiting dogs. On the lead or on stake-out, OB is vociferous in defence of his personal space - but once harnessed and out on the trail, he leaves all of that behind and becomes a real asset. Other teams do not bother him - he seems to delight in passing and pointedly ignoring the dogs racing beside him. At one race, despite being in the middle of a 3 team, 12 dog tangle, he stood quietly by whilst the mess was unravelled.

OB may have his Dark Side -  but the Force is strong with this one !
OB after running co-lead at the SHCGB rally at Aviemore Jan 2002 We finished a reasonable 12th out of 47 in the 4 dog class
OB in his favourite box
OB is his EXTRA large harness
OB gazes at the world from his favourite box