Deer Creek's Winter Lily at Gealach Mor
Born :      2 December 2009                                    Gender : Female
Colour:    Gray and white                                        Weight : 33 lbs 
Position : Swing

When we heard that Hope of Sepp-Alta had been bred, I instantly was after one of the pups. We are eternally grateful to Alan and Tabby at Deer Creek Sled Dogs that they eventually agreed to part with these girls.  

As a youngster, Lily was a bit more laid back than her sister (Rosie)  She always has been more dog orientated, nevertheless she regarded the big dogs as something interesting to be looked, but preferably from a distance. Now, as a mature, nearly 5 year old, she's less playful, and less laid back - she's as much of a wind up merchant as her sister (and considerably more vocal).

She is slightly built with a pretty head and a longer coat than Rosie. She displays a lot of the same drive in harness but has just a touch less determination and is not quite as strong a leader.

Gealach Mor Seppala Siberians
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