Jedeye Lightfoot
Born :      16 November 2005                                   Gender : Female
Colour:    Gray and white                                        Weight : 40 lbs 
Position : Team

Lightfoot was another who joined us from Blake and Jen Freking's Jedeye / Manitou Crossing Kennels, in 2009. 

Lightfoot is a bouncy character, who seems to enjoy spending as much time in the air as is possible. She is a solid, reliable worker and would almost qualify as one of those invaluable "invisible" team dogs, if it wasn't for the fact that you always have to know where she is in the team so that you don't get a black eye as you walk past her.

She mixes well in the yard, plays her favourite hunting game and generally seems to be a happy, relaxed dog. 

Gealach Mor Seppala Siberians
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