Gealach Mor Siberians
Working sleddogs - just for the love of it..............
Born :     08.05.2001    Died  25.02.2008                   Gender : Female
Colour:    White                                                      Weight : 40 lbs
Position : Wheel

Chatanikas Inka is a Markovo Seppala, imported from Jay Tindall's mid-distance kennel in Michigan.
An all white girl, she is incredibly powerful and a no nonsense worker.

We are looking forward to getting to know her better and to slotting her into our team.
Cute head shot of Inka
Profile picture of Inka
Inka at wheel on a 12 dog team racing at her original kennel
Inka is at wheel on Chatanikas kennel's first string race team
Yeah, I can do "cute"
How long do I have to stand like this?
Inka Headshot
Sharing a good vantage point with Nadia
dwarfed by Tasker, at wheel in Feb 06
Keeping a watchful eye, Inka and Nadia supervise mulching operations from a comfortable position.
Feb 06

  Inka at wheel with Tasker Feb 06
Exploring the dogyard, Feb 2006
Wandering in the yard Feb 06
2005 2006 season  Inka has lived up to the top billing she received when we bought her. We didn't race at all, but she showed plenty of drive and determination.
2006 2007  season.  Inka ran on the first string race team at each event we entered. The strongest of our girls, she certainly puts it all on the line and contributed to a strong finish to our year. She ran wheel in the 6 dog class and was happy running team in our 10 dog team.