Born :      20 May 2009                                           Gender : Female
Colour:   Tan and white                                          Weight : 40 lbs
Position : Trainee

Hop, along with her brother Rimini, came to us as 18 week old puppies from TJ and Lindsey of Cold Canyon Sleddogs. Hop was originally called Whopijaw, which apparently is a Coloradoan word - being a little unsure of the pronunciation, I proceeded to butcher her name all the way from collecting her in Wyoming, to her arrival in Alaska. Somewhere along that drive, I settled on Hop, having tried and failed to consistently pronounce any of my other variations.

She is a bouncy, happy dog and on her vet visits, they declared it was easy to see why she got her name, as she likes to hop around on just her back legs. I haven't had the heart to tell them it's just a coinicidence - or is it that my theory of not giving dogs names that they might live up to, is actually based on fact.

Like her brother, she took to life in harness as if born to it. Her first few sled runs have seen her settle into the team as if she's always been here. She does have that puppy thing of trying to always run flat out - it's fun to see her try so hard to get everyone else to run faster.
Beacuse of her requirement for eye drops twice a day due to an accident, she has been living in the house and has really settled into that lifestyle a little too well.
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Working sleddogs - just for the love of it...........
Our dog, Hop, sitting patiently awaiting dinner.
Hop, awaiting food at her new home in Alaska.  Oct 2009
Maturing nicely, and the sun has really lightened her coat. June 2010