Jedeye Avery
Born :      9 August 2006                                          Gender : Female
Colour:    White and black                                        Weight : 34 lbs 
Position : Leader

Avery joined us from Blake and Jen Freking's Jedeye / Manitou Crossing Kennels, in 2009. 

Avery is tiny little dog, amongst the smallest females we have, but she has a heart and character that is more than a match for the biggest dog. 
During my short stay with the Frekings, I got to see Avery running lead in front of a 20 dog string. She hasn't been asked to do anything like that here, and as she ages, she is asked to run up front less frequently.   However, she is so well mannered, I forsee an extended career as a puppy training leader for her.

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